Teamsters Local 340

144 Thadeus Street
PO Box 2290
South Portland, ME 04116-2290
phone: 603-629-9082
fax: 603-629-9084
Available in Maine Only: 1-800-452-1995

About Us:

On February 17, 1937, Teamsters Union Local 340 was chartered by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Our charter name is Truck drivers, Warehouse men and Helpers Local Union #340. As our original name indicates, Local 340 was then strictly a truck driver's and warehouse man's union. However, our local is now a widely diversified Local Union representing various trades and skills as well as state, county, and municipal employees throughout the entire state of Maine.

Because of our wide geographic jurisdiction we hold membership meetings in three different locations in the state. We are also affiliated with the Eastern Region, Joint Council 10 Federal Credit Union, Northern New England Benefit Trust, Northern New England Joint Area Committee (Freight), the New England Area Parcel Grievance Committee (UPS), Public Employees Trade Division, Industrial Trades Division and Construction Division, and the AFL-CIO.

Some of our agents serve on members of such committees as the Health and Safety, the IBT's Public Sector Committee, NNEBT, Bakery Health and Welfare, UPS International Negotiating Committee, and the Advisory Committee of the Maine State Retirement System.

Some of our members are participants in the New England Trucking Industry Pension Fund and the New England Teamsters and Baking Industry Health Benefits and Insurance Fund. Our Local has an active Retiree Association; we believe it to be the first one to have been chartered by the International. The Retirees Association is affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Retirees Association.

What We Do:

Teamsters Local 340 seeks to improve the working conditions and lives of its members through the collective bargaining process , through the political process and legislative efforts. We will continue to fight for a larger share of the riches of our state and union. We are proud of our record of service to our members.